Можно про Олимпиаду вне очереди?

О СИТУАЦИИ НА ДАЙРИ (апдейт 11.11.2017)
*Место сбора на случай закрытия Дайри*

Continues With Wings #CiONTU
13 апреля (пт) 12:00-14:30
14 апреля (сб) 8:00-10:30
15 апреля (вс) 7:00-9:30
трансляция - 15 апреля (вс) 7:00 - 10:00 - CS Asahi (Ch2) (канал 060)

Парад в Сендае
22 апреля (вс) 7:15-8:10
трансляция - 7:05-7:50, NHK (канал 001)

Весенний прием у императора
25 апреля (ср) - Акасака, Токио

Велоспорт (апрель)
15 Amstel Gold Race
18 La Flèche Wallonne
22 Liège - Bastogne
24-29 Tour de Romandie

Спортивная гимнастика (апрель)
5-13 Commonwealth Games
14 Individual All-Around World Cup, Tokyo
14-15 City of Jesolo Trophy
16-22 Russian Championships, Kazan
27-29 Pacific Rim Championships

Японское ТВ (где смотреть)
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Предыдущие треды: 1, 2, 3, ..., 570, 571, 572.

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2018-04-14 в 09:24 

После того как узнал, что все шоу покажут в результате, у меня почему-то интерес к репортам пропал
Ну хорошо тебе, иди гуляй/спи :nope:

2018-04-14 в 09:25 

Yuzu was in the skating corner with mura and sano-sensei today watching the Seimei hydroblade and said himself ‘cool!!’ and ‘my eyes look like they could kill people’ wwww

:-D Именно так и выглядят, Юзу)

2018-04-14 в 09:26 

Mura also did today’s hydroblade demonstration and Yuzu was shouting stuff like ‘longer! Longer! Do it more deeply’ lmaooo mura お疲れ様

2018-04-14 в 09:27 

oh today tsuzuki-sensei came & they introduced him aww

2018-04-14 в 09:28 

Yuzu knows we've been following on SNS! "Many of you may already seen some of the show on TV news and SNS"

2018-04-14 в 09:29 

Today's lecture was hydroblade. Shae-Lynn and Akko do it back out (??) but Yuzu back in (outside and inside I guess). Mura-kun did a demonstration (!!!)
And something about the butt/hips lol

Похоже, гидроблейды Ше, Акико и Юзу показывали на экране, а Мура демонстрировал на льду.

2018-04-14 в 09:30 

Первая часть:
Part 1 / For myself
Ave Maria
Talk (guest: Murakun) Venue
Minoru sensei
Technical commentary (Today is Hydro)

2018-04-14 в 09:31 

Part 1 finished.

Yuzu seems more relaxed than yesterday. Tsuzuki sensei in the audience and Yuzu introduced him to everyone.

Report Yuzu's corner, the guest is Mura-san. They have had good old chat then left holding each other's shoulders.

They are really good mates.

2018-04-14 в 09:33 

Awww he talked about how doing hydroblade kinda does chafe the hand that's touching the ice so you need gloves

2018-04-14 в 09:34 

Фотка льда
читать дальше

2018-04-14 в 09:36 

“I wanted to spin as well but my bum and muscles hurt. If there’s a next time, I definitely want to do spins!” - Sano san

2018-04-14 в 09:37 

Just a part from this one. The part relates to the time during Yuzu after the injury.

While Yuzu was at the limbo, Mura sent few messages like "How do you do 4T" or "My skating shoes broke"

Mura is so kind that Yuzu didn't have to suffer by himself...T_T

2018-04-14 в 09:38 

- poster personally wanted to know how yuzu pronounced 'continue' apparently it was conti↑nue lol (voice inflection up)
- w/ mura, yuzu said 'today there's no english so I don't need to use cue cards'

2018-04-14 в 09:38 

- before OP, there was someone behind curtains doing the seimei 'DAN DAN' (before ChSq) move - maybe yuzu?
- yuzu didn't skate in OP
- yuzu 'was this spoiled by TV and SNS?' 'I want to do a show that everyone can enjoy' (not sure if 2 comments connected)

2018-04-14 в 09:44 

sano-san: "i tried to spin too, but the muscle on my butt hurt"

audience: *laughing*

sano-san: "i would like to spin if there's next time"

audience and yuzu: *big cheers and clapping*

2018-04-14 в 09:46 

#MinoruSano after skating, shouted to #ShoichiroTsuzuki who was in the audience in the VIP area, saying: "Tsuzuki-Sensei! I was able to do it without falling!"

Там, похоже, вообще все по-домашнему сегодня.

2018-04-14 в 09:47 

there was a seat reserved for Tsuzuki-sensei today and he participated in the applause for Shae-lynn from the very start of the performance. applauded Plushenko as well after his performance.

2018-04-14 в 09:53 

you will not believe how hard I'm snorting at yuzu yelling 'COOL' at his own hydroblade and telling everyone to pay attention to his eyes

2018-04-14 в 09:53 

Last season, #TakahitoMura had a hard time with finding boots that worked for him. He had boot issues every 2 months with them either not fitting well or breaking. This resulted in the inconsistencies of his jumps. It was a hard (last) season for him.

#TakahitoMura and #YuzuruHanyu communicate via #LINE and sometimes Mura asked Hanyu for advice on some jumps.

2018-04-14 в 09:54 

Talk with Mura as guest, talking about Japanese Nationals:

Mura: After my performance, I thought, it doesn't matter anymore whether I get to go to Pyeongchang or not."
Yuzu: If it were me, I'd want to do it once more.

The audience laughed.

2018-04-14 в 09:55 

Вау, я тут не один ношу зачем-то переводы сижу :laugh:Думал, все ушли вконтактик или спят.

2018-04-14 в 09:57 

Просто забавное из твиттера

- so what you're telling me is yuzu lurks on twitter :o
- Of course he lurks, why would he make up a hashtag if he doesn't

2018-04-14 в 09:58 

Вау, я тут не один ношу зачем-то переводы сижу
я встала с будильником (и молчу, потому что оч спать хочется)

2018-04-14 в 09:58 

Вау, я тут не один ношу зачем-то переводы сижу Думал, все ушли вконтактик или спят.
Я очень благодарен тебе, что носишь.

*больной анон*

2018-04-14 в 09:59 

more mura bullying - demonstrating hydroblade & I think he was using his elbow to touch the ice (while yuzu was yelling 'longer! deeper!'). yuzu and sano were suggesting 'what's next? the shoulder? head?'
mura: I'll use my whole body, and just fall


2018-04-14 в 10:00 

*больной анон*
Выздоравливай :pity:

Уже, по идее, были вопросы от детей, но по тегу никто не лайвтвитит(

2018-04-14 в 10:03 

seeing lots of praise for shae-lynn via several tweets, saying people were chattering 'cool' as soon as she took to the stage, observations that she and yuzu 'suit each other' very well and I'm glad the queen of choreography is getting the recognition she deserves

2018-04-14 в 10:04 

apparently it was yuzu's first time watching plushenko's nijinsky live and he was deeply amazed/impressed and cried out (号泣 = crying aloud, not sure if she means there were tears)

2018-04-14 в 10:06 

Классное шоу - каждый день что-то новое и оригинальное.

she and yuzu 'suit each other' very well

Пора в тви оставлять пожелания о совместном номере :D

2018-04-14 в 10:07 

Про вчерашнее шоу, с Голдена.

This is funny. Yuzuru did commentary of Ballad at the Olympics but there was no video due to the copy right issue (he did it with the still image). Then the audience became "Oh, whyyyy?", but Yuzuru said "I knew you would react like that. But you all have watched it many times so you remember it, don't you?"

One of the things Yuzuru was influenced from Johnny was spin (especially pancake spin) that changes diversely according to the musical idea, and Yuzuru was inspired by Johnny to change his arms' position variously in his spins.