Тред по Sherlock BBC. Здесь собираются, чтобы обсудить, поспорить и померяться чем угодно: сериал, каст, версии, теории, дедукцЫи, спойлеры, ОТП, РПС, пейринги, сценарии, арты, фики, видео... и даже сопутствующий оффтоп. Упорос наше всё, выдроежики наш талисман. Может быть опасно. Welcome!

Правила ШП

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Вопрос: Какие планы, ШП-анон?
1. Мне интересен только Шерлок, планирую уйти на мороз до следующих новостей, если они будут 
7  (4.79%)
2. Мне интересен только Шерлок, планирую остаться и обсуждать сериал, если будет о нем заходить речь 
8  (5.48%)
3. Мне интересно фандомное творчество по Шерлоку и (или) РПС, планирую и дальше его постить и обсуждать 
14  (9.59%)
4. Мне интересен каст и его проекты, планирую и дальше обсуждать их 
15  (10.27%)
5. Мне интересна личная жизнь каста, планирую и дальше сплетничать о ней с анонами 
16  (10.96%)
6. Мне интересны упоросы ШП-анонов, планирую и дальше в них участвовать 
17  (11.64%)
7. Я уже прикипел к ШП, планирую и дальше постить и обсуждать оффтоп, мейнстримов и немейнстримов 
14  (9.59%)
8. Мне надоела ШП, уйду и больше не вернусь 
5  (3.42%)
9. Я уже ушел из ШП, просто мимо проходил и проголосовал 
30  (20.55%)
10. Выдроежики навсегда останутся в ШП, здесь их дом 
20  (13.7%)
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Всего проголосовало: 66

@темы: шерлокоправда

2017-07-29 в 21:57 

Да, как сильным противником, с которым интересно играть, и которого победить лестно для самолюбия.

ну а он увидел противником Джима и только, вот и все игры. Знаю, что могут написать вот в чертогах у него обнажена и прекрасна, ну для меня это не решает ничего. Джим на цепи и Джон в своем кардиганчике все равно рулят)

2017-07-29 в 21:58 

Джонлок, Хотсон, 5 сезону быть!

2017-07-29 в 21:59 

Знаю, что могут написать вот в чертогах у него обнажена и прекрасна, ну для меня это не решает ничего.
Ну, так-то она его удивила боевым нарядом, такой и запомнилась)

2017-07-29 в 22:17 


2017-07-29 в 22:21 

из прошлого треда про Q&A Бена

«Benedict’s LFCC talk!

-He saw a little girl dressed as Thor and squealed “HELLO” at her and waved and made sure she specifically got the mic and he admired her little hammer and called her “thorina”. She got a little teary and overwhelmed when she started to speak to him (must have been like 5-6, super tiny) and her mum said “she just wants to know what your favourite colour is” and he stood and did a little dance gesture for her and was like “look at what I’m wearing!” (All blue) and she didn’t get it and he sing-song ed “the colours of the sea and the skyyy” and she shouted BLUE finally and benedict and everyone else applauded her.
-a girl stood up and he was like “i cant see you, stand up” and then was like oh shit because she WAS and he just couldn’t see her behind everyone (she laughed too)
-everyone who asked a question he would literally lean right forward and smile so warmly and look them in the eye - there was so much love and laughter in the room
-a really nice girl with a cool jacket stood up in front of me and before her question she told him thankyou because he had got her through some extremely difficult times and he made her very happy - he seemed moved and touched and told her thankyou very much for saying so. When she sat down she was a little teary n tbh I nearly cried as well because I think that’s true for a lot of us in the fandom and I’m glad he got to hear the words from someone
-when a security/con crew man was shouting instructions outside (i believe that’s what it was) benedict did a jokey “shuttttt UpppPPP” back at him and it got a round of applause because it had been annoying everyone 😂
-when answering a comparative questions between sherlock and Dr strange he kept gesturing to the cardboard cutouts beside him of each like ‘one is new York one is london" and then jumped up to check it WAS actually a picture of sherlock he was pointing to and not smaug
-when a fan said they came from brasil he made everyone do a big round of applause. When she asked about “Rio” he clarified that while the sсript may be called that NOW they are working on it and it is probably going to be shot/set somewhere else. He apologised to the brasil fans and said st about filming there one day for them!
-he talked about the child in time (almost unprompted) his heart seems deep in it. He says he is so proud of it and it’s their productions company’s first proper project, he also said that the character of Stephen he plays in the child in time is perhaps the closest to his real self out of all the other characters he has recently played like sherlock or strange
-he became suddenly mystified by a bit of grass on his shoe and launched an investigation into who put it there “is someone here dressed as grass” lol he is a weirdo
-talked about how he is aware that some of his characters are role models to people - especially touched on the “im a doctor, I do no harm” scene in dr strange. Said he doesn’t want to play perfect people, and he is also aware that we live in a diverse world and “one persons role model could be another’s villain!” But yes he is aware of age and children watching his stuff
-coming off that he joked about how some parents come up to him with a 5 year old like THEY LOVE SHERLOCK and he was like lol do they because he takes drugs and is a “creature of the night” (lol) and so it’s a bit weird
-saw big dave the bodyguard making vigorous hand signals towards benedict who kept on talking anyway (surprise surprise)
-when the interviewer/host asked a simple question like how he began acting he gestured to us all and said “they already know all this bit” yes he knows we know everything
-he mentioned that he is probably about to take a role that he’s been offered which is unlike anything he has ever done before. He says the fact that he has literally never done it is the reason he SHOULD
-said he’d like to go back and do hamlet again because there’s always more to explore. Thanked a girl who said she came to see it last year (big up the hamlet summer) and he shaded the daily fail for how stupid they were reviewing the early showings of it before it was complete. He praised lindsey Turner and her imagination
-a girl at the back told him he has a sexy voice and he was like “well good because you can’t see me from back there” and then he did a bit of a rumble purposefully
-said he’d love to do more cabin pressure and “start the alphabet again”, also said that the grinch is coming along nicely!
-he got asked about roles he’d love to do and then somehow turned it back on the audience into a shout-out game of who’d WE would like him to play - lots of funny ideas and he listened to all that he heard! Made people repeat themselves if he didn’t catch it the first time! quite a few bond or bond villains suggestions lol, someone said Mr Darcy and he was like “MR DARCY????”
-he said a deadpool cosplayer in the photo bit had asked him to hold a toy gun and it made him feel a bit icky and he had a moral crisis and didn’t hold it up in the end I don’t think
-talked at length about how much he liked rdj, and admires him (actually called him R-D-J) also said he loves mark ruffalo and joked that tom holland was “terrifying”- he loves his dr strange costume more than their avenger costumes
-the cloak and sherlocks coat are both a “pain in the arse”
-was her nervous to do infinity war? “FUCK YEAH”
That’s mostly what I remember! More than anything I won’t forget just how lovely and patient he was, all this warmth he radiated, he just seemed so silly and energetic and funny and happy to be there, he gave loads of love to the crowd and they gave loads back. Was the best.»

2017-07-29 в 22:21 

Ну, значит, точно не дома одевался-обувался
т и
А ты че думаешь, Раиса ему ботинки что ли перед выходами скоблит?) Просто не могу никак уловить взаимосвязь между потертыми ботами, которые такие уже несколько лет и "одевался-обувался не дома")

2017-07-29 в 22:27 

Бен :heart::heart::heart:

2017-07-29 в 22:32 

сиське! переоделся в майку
читать дальше

2017-07-29 в 22:33 

He saw it and he said, oh the boys!!

2017-07-29 в 22:35 

в майке подуставший что случилось с рубашкой? ухрюкал? растерзали фанатки?))
читать дальше

2017-07-29 в 22:36 

в майке подуставший что случилось с рубашкой? ухрюкал? растерзали фанатки?))
читать дальше

2017-07-29 в 22:37 

2017-07-29 в 22:45 

косплей классического Дока - и ворот у Плащика большой, и даже желтые перчатки есть
читать дальше

2017-07-29 в 22:54 

Джонлок и бенемартин форева!:heart:
Бен/Мартин/совместный кон, интервью или что угодно/химия во все поля
Бен/Мартин/чудесное лето в НЙ
Бену, Мартину, режу, оператору - Эмми за TLD!:unic::unic::unic:
Музейчика в Бонды!
Аноны/ШП/благополучие во всем:dance3:

2017-07-29 в 23:02 

анон бы тоже очень хотел продолжение Давления в кабине :heart:
Radio Times‏Подлинная учетная запись @RadioTimes сейчас8 минут назад
Benedict Cumberbatch ready to make more of Radio 4's Cabin Pressure: "I miss it" www.radiotimes.com/news/2017-07-29/benedict-cum...
читать дальше

2017-07-29 в 23:46 

анон бы тоже очень хотел продолжение Давления в кабине

2017-07-29 в 23:54 

Шерлокоправда/тихое угасание и достойный уход из Дежурки

2017-07-30 в 00:06 

анон бы тоже очень хотел продолжение Давления в кабине

Вроде и понятно, что история закольцована и окончена, и всё замечательно завершилось, и продолжать дальше - только портить... но я слишком люблю персонажей и юмор "Кабины", ничего не могу с собой поделать:inlove:

2017-07-30 в 00:19 

2017-07-30 в 00:22 

Шерлок/Мэри/любовь и брак

Джон/Сара/любовь в Новой Зеландии

2017-07-30 в 00:24 

2017-07-30 в 00:32 

2017-07-30 в 00:32 

2017-07-30 в 00:47 

00:32 новое фото Ширлака и Розиты?!

2017-07-30 в 00:57 

00:32 новое фото Ширлака и Розиты?!


2017-07-30 в 00:59 

00:32 новое фото

блять, вены на руках мужиков -моя слабость...